How does it work?

As described in the “Conventional Pump” section, those pumps run at a fixed unchanging speed, operating only in an ON/OFF mode. Whereas, the Grundfos SQE constant pressure pump is uniquely designed with an intelligent built-in variable speed motor which can speed up or slow down depending upon the amount of water consumed.

As more water is required, the pump will increase its speed and likewise as less water is required, will slow down. This allows the home owner to comfortably use for example, the shower, washing machine and irrigation sprinklers all at the same time, and unlike conventional pumps, there will be no loss of water pressure.

SQE Pump and Motor

The SQE is the only constant pressure pump on the market fully equipped with built-in electronic controls which allow for advanced computer controlled performance and state of the art protection features including sophisticated diagnostics. The motor design is a Variable Speed Drive which electronically changes the pump speed to match demand providing you with the incredible comfort of constant pressure.

Each unit is equipped with:

  • Soft start – prevents water hammer and motor overheating
  • Dry run protection – pumps are water lubricated and if your well runs low, an unprotected pump will die
  • Overload protection – if a pump becomes clogged with debris like sand or grass, it can destroy an unprotected motor
  • Over and undervoltage protection – the lifetimes of unprotected motors can be greatly reduced by improper voltages. Rural parts of the country are notorious for wide variations in voltage supply

Constant Pressure Pump

The SQE constant pressure system consists of a pump and motor which reside in your well and is controlled by the CU301 User Interface panel conveniently located in your home.  Alternatively, the CU301 can be located outdoors wherever the homeowner finds it most convenient.

Unlike most conventional well pumps the SQE comes in a lightweight, 3 inch diameter, which allows for easy installation in small bore wells or older wells that no longer accept a traditional 4 inch pump. It is available in both 115VAC and 230VAC versions and comes in a full range of performance ratings guaranteed to match your exact needs. Never again buy too much or too little of a pump.

Benefits of constant pressure

With constant pressure pumping systems your water pressure will always remain steady and constant regardless of how many family members are consuming water. As more faucets are opened, the pump automatically increases its speed, maintaining your chosen pressure at any flow rate.

Greater comfort is added to your life and greater value added to your home.

Some of the immediate benefits of constant pressure pumps you will experience are:

  • Comfort of city like water pressure
  • Push button selection of desired pressure
  • No more wimpy showers
  • Turbo charged lawn irrigation
  • Multiple built in diagnostics to prevent damage to your pump
  • Uses a miniature space saving and low cost diaphragm tank